Solve Cases Faster

Straightforward results in minutes. Using our experience of working actual criminal investigations utilizing cellular records, we develop all of our solutions to cut through the confusion and visualize the results you need in minutes.

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Accurate Tracking

Providing you the most accurate mapping for historical and real-time applications. With 1000s of field tests to support our proprietary mapping algorithm, our mapping feature is the most accurate available anywhere.

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Mobile Friendly

Realistic investigative functionality in the field. When time is critical, our mobile friendly platforms deliver on the spot.

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Training and Consulting

Leading the industry in training and consulting, our highly sought after training courses are on point, free of fluff, and engaging. Check out our CDR analysis and geolocation certification course, the only one like it offered anywhere.‚Äč

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Our TraX program is a complete solution to call detail records.

Free Phone Look-Up Tool

Our free phone look-up and de-confliction notification is the only product of its kind.

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